Fascetti – Defends Cassano


Roma – Polemics surrounding related to chances of Sampdoria star Antonio Cassano to back into Italian national team squad rise again.

This time, veteran coach Eugenio Fascetti give his opinion.

Fascetti, football manager and coach  who have contributed to the early stage of Cassano’s career in Series A, persuaded Gli Azzurri coach, Marcello Lippi to call 27-year-old player to be part in his Italy’s squad for 2010 World Cup.

Not only that, Fascetti also criticized quarterback AS Roma, Daniele De Rossi to learn to recognize the fact before he give opinion to press. De Rossi, previously stated, that Cassano should have scored more if he wants to join Italy squad.

Cassano’s career started when Fascetti discovered his talent while still defending Bari in 1999 and he believed that his former golden child can add value to Italy. “I hope Lippi consider about his position in the nation squad, especially if Cassano continued to play great like nowadays, “said Fascetti to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Before give opinion, De Rossi should remember, that Cassano has scored goals in Serie A since he was 18 years old, “he said.  “Besides, it is true that a lot of swearing coming from the De Rossi’s mouth in the field, but there are no referee hear it, “said Fascetti.

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