Indosamp Member Form

samp mags

Dear Indosamp members,
Greetings from Indosamp,
In order to strengthen our  group, please be kind to fill up the “Indosamp Member Form” (document also available in our download page).

It will help us to track our beloved group members also create further events for Indosamp.
Please send the document to :

Please send the document before 31st of December 2009.

Every member that send the document to us will include in a draw, and lucky member will received official Sampdoria Magazine (Match Sampdoria-Inter 2009).
Thank you for your kind attention.
Forza Indosamp,


  1. buruan daftar ada majalah keren loh!!

    gw duluan aaaaaaaaaaaah

    forza sampdoriaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Iya udah banyak yang masukin form, hayu cepat-cepat isi 🙂

  3. Bravo IL Samp………………….Forza IndoSamp…..

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