Welcome to IndoSamp Official Website

Welcome to IndoSamp Official Website.


An online Sampdoria Indonesia Supporters Community.

A place for Sampdoria  Indonesian Fans to discuss and gather information related to their beloved soccer team, U.C. Sampdoria.

Some supporting media channels in these group are  :

– Website

– Mailing List

– Internet Forum

– Members Gathering


  1. Wow, manteb bro! Semoga komunitas kita semakin berkembang!
    Hidup Il Samp!

  2. Thank You Aldo,
    Mohon bantuan dan supportnya selalu Boss 🙂
    Forza Doria….

  3. ayo kita maju truzz untuk memajukan komunitas kita!!

    pantang menyerah kawan2

    forza sampdoriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  5. A big “Congratulations” from an Italian Sampdoria Fans! It is nice to know that there are many of us all around the world! Greta job and thank you for supporting the best Team in the World!!


    Genova – Italy

  6. Halo Magga,
    Thank you for always supporting us.
    Forza Doria….

  7. Halo Daniele,
    Greetings from Indosamp.
    Thank you for surfing into our website.
    We hope that we can share information, establish contacts and also to show the world that sampdoria colors already spread all over the planet.
    Thank you for supporting us.
    Forza Doria

  8. ayo maju truzz indonesia doriano

    insya Allah libas juve bsk, amiiiiiiin

    hiduuuuuuuuuuuup sampdoriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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