Name : Chandra Tarigan

Location: Jakarta


Profession: Auditor

About Sampdoria:
Hi guys….. I feel so so happy to join this outstanding community. The fist time I saw Il Samp, I was in elementary school and my fanaticism are getting stronger until now (I think this what is called love at first sight).
One think for sure that makes me electrified is the magic of the costume (very unique and different, unlike ordinary shirts).
In Indonesia Il Samp is quite famous (late 80’s – early 90’s) until the relegation, with Vialli, Mancini and Lombardo as the main actors. I was thinking and dreaming how is it feel if Gianluca Vialli (My favorite player forever and ever) leads our team, since he loves Il Samp very much. From Indonesia with so much love, for you only…….my beloved “SAMPDORIA”

Fave Player:
Gianluca Vialli